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Инкскейп «Рисуй свободно» – это кросс-платформенный векторный графический редактор.

Официальный веб-сайт: https://inkscape.org. Русский веб-сайт официальный: https://inkscape.org/ru.

en.wikipedia, ru.wikipedia. https://inkscape.org/doc/keys.html.

How to make outlined text in Inkscape


  • Write the text
  • Duplicate the text

Edit → Duplicate (Ctrl+D)

  • Convert the duplicated text to a path

Path → Object to Path (Shift+Ctrl+C)

Object → Ungroup (Shift+Ctrl+G)

Path → Combine (Ctrl+K)

  • Expand the outlinea

Path → Dynamic Offset (Ctrl+J)

Object → Lower (Page Down)

  • Set the colors

Creating a diagonal halftone effect


  1. Import a raster image of choice to the halftone layer (Ctrl + I)
  2. Create a raster copy of it (Alt + B)
  3. Move the raster copy to the layer above (Shift + PgUp)
  4. Remove the halftone filter
  5. Trace bitmap (Shift + Alt + B)
  6. Copy-paste the path to a new document (Ctrl + C, Ctrl + N, Ctrl + V)
  7. Enjoy your CNC-ready halftone silhouette!

Quadrant Circular Arc

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